Quality policy for an ISO management system

Creating a Quality policy for an ISO management system might be a daunting task for some. However, from our experience in ISO 9001 consulting, we know that it can be a fun, creative exercise.

Quality policy for an ISO management system

Strategy first

Getting your business ISO Certified, should be a strategic decision for your business. Through the process of getting ISO certification, you will have ample opportunity to redefine the status-quo of your business. And creating the Quality policy for an ISO management system, is one of such opportunities.

In short, the quality policy should serve as the single guiding light for all the stakeholders, and interested parties within your business. Through this 1-page document, you should inspire your team with a worthwhile vision for the future.

Much like a mission and vision statement combined, the quality policy is there to help you to articulate where you want to take your company in the coming 5/10 years, and what guiding principles you will be following.

Moreover, the policy should be in line with the quality objectives of your organisation.

Requirements for Quality policy for an ISO management system

Naturally, part of the quality policy should include a commitment to serve the clients in the best way possible. To ensure that a high-quality product and service is given to our clients.

Moreover, as the fundamental benefit of ISO certification, the quality policy must include a commitment of the leadership of the company to continually seek to improve the processes and activities within the management system.

A well-crafted quality policy wouldn’t add much value if it is saved on some executive’s device, and never available to employees. Therefore, the quality policy must be communicated to all employees, in a way that they would understand where the company is headed.


If you are now looking for training on ISO 9001, we invite you to go through this website, as we have all information you’d need to successfully implement ISO in your company. On the other hand, if you are seeking to get help to implement the standard, check out the costs relating to the certification to the ISO 9001 standard.

If you’d like to get professional help to implement the standard in a way that would benefit your business, that would have the least impact on your current (good) business practices, in a fun and friendly way – get in touch for a quote for implementing ISO in your business. We’d love to help.

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