Organizational knowledge in ISO 9001

Organizational knowledge in ISO 9001

Organizational knowledge in ISO 9001 is one of the updates of the current version of the standard that aims to focus on a service business.

Organisations have a myriad of information coming from different sources that need to be captured. It is said that when making a mistake, the damage caused is partly worthwhile if we learn something.

Having said that, if we don’t record this new organizational knowledge, and keep it stored in team members brains, we are creating silos of information, making it harder to access in the long-term, when needed.

Examples of Organizational Knowledge

There are different sources through which we can learn more about the internal and external issues relating to the business. Some of the examples include the following:

Business Plan

Any new information we get that is relevant to our business plan. This can include information relating to our competitors, the industry we operate in, the market the we serve, and advancements of the industry for the product we offer.

This knowledge would mostly relate to the marketing of your product.

Knowledge by Employees

Employees may gain Organizational knowledge in ISO 9001 by going to any seminars or training courses relating to their job – whether directly or indirectly related to the product that is offered. Such knowledge may also be obtained through experience, after years of serving customers.

This knowledge is mostly relating to business processes.

Organizational knowledge in ISO 9001

Organisational knowledge in ISO 9001

Complying to documentation requirements of ISO 9001 makes it easy to collect information that will help the company retain knowledge.

  1. Interested parties
  2. Customer requirements
  3. Supplier evaluation information
  4. Information about product non-conformities
  5. Corrective and Preventive actions
  6. Quality Policy & Quality Objectives
  7. Business performance and effectiveness
  8. Internal audit & Management Review meetings

The process of getting ISO 9001 certified is fun and empowering. If you have seen the benefits of getting an ISO certification and would like to learn more about how much it costs of getting certified, we’d love to help.

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