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A step-by-step solution to guarantee your success.

After having implemented ISO Management Systems to more than 75 companies in Malta, we have finally cracked the code! We have found a standard way on how to implement ISO Standards. 


We guarantee that by following all the steps of wISO, you will achieve ISO 9001 Certification. Money-back guarantee.


wISO contains everything you need to know about ISO Certification with detailed videos explaining every step, with examples.


To ensure your success, our lead ISO Consultant, Luke Desira, will assist you on one-to-one sessions, online or at your offices.

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Meet your Trainer

Luke Desira has achieved over 75 ISO 9001 certifications with Maltese SMEs over the past 10 years. He has worked in various industries, including manufacturing, freight, wholesalers, construction, software & IT, medical devices and professional services. Based on a custom standard way of implementing the ISO 9001 standard, we have developed a standard step-by-step process for you to follow. The video on this page is a 55 minute explanation to cover all the standard. wISO contains videos that are specific about each section - at the time when you need it. And you'll also have template documents that you require to accomplish each step.

A Standardised Approach

wISO is a complete package, thought out by Luke Desira, a Bureau Veritas approved ISO 9001 Lead Auditor. The package being offered is a completed solution to ensure that you achieve ISO 9001 Certification. Naturally, should you hire an ISO 9001 Consultant, it will take less of your time (at a higher cost).

All ISO 9001 Requirements

 > Contents of all requirements for the management system (10 Clauses)

> Instructiuons & sample implementation

> Templates to add custom requirements and controls

All Documents, Policies & Procedures 

 > Supporting documents (SWOT, stakeholder analysis, scope descriptions, roles and functions, objectives etc)

> Procedures (+/- 15)

> Templates to create the required forms (Corrective actions, supplier evaluation etc)

> Sample for Management Review & Internal Audit


 wISO is sold as a one-time fee, for one organization. No hidden charges, no maintenance fees, and no recurring costs. After you purchase the content, it's yours. Just like a book. The price is of €1499 exc. VAT. 

Additional Services

> Consultant on demand (a senior consultant is on call for all your ISO related questions)

> Internal Audit (a certified ISO 9001 Lead Auditor will perform an internal audit, preparing you for the actual certification)

Money-back Guarantee

If when purchasing wISO, a minimum of 8 hours of consultant on demand (at €50 per hour), and an 8-hour Internal audit (at €50 per hour), and you implement all our suggestions, you still don't get certified. We will give you all your money back. Guaranteed.